Following a highly successful series of face to face events with over 600 bookings in January and February Michael Patterson of the Supported Housing Blog is delighted to announce two half-day virtual events in April 2024 aimed at supported housing providers and commissioners and revenues and benefits team colleagues.

Please note all sessions start at 10.00am and end at 1.00pm with a comfort break at around 11.30am.

“The Supported Housing Regulatory Oversight Act 2023” 17th April 2024

“The DWP Guidance on Housing Benefit Claims for Supported Housing” 24th April 2024

£42 for each half-day event inc VAT

Delegates can attend either or both events.

You can download a booking form here. Please call 0800 772 0065 if you require assistance.

The Supported Housing Regulatory Oversight Act 2023 will involve the biggest change in over 20 years to the organisation, commissioning, oversight and regulation of supported housing.

Supported housing providers and local authorities need to prepare for this change. This event will look at the context behind the legislation, the main clauses of the legislation, what it means for local authorities and providers. It will give you a clear understanding of the future shape of supported housing and the steps you need to take to prepare for and inform the shape of things to come in the supported housing ecosystem.

It will also look at the the consultation processes associated with the Act and set out the timeframes and stages of implementation of the Act, including but not limited to supported housing licensing arrangements, local supported housing strategies and infrastructure and the National Supported Housing Standards.

The DWP Guidance on Housing Benefit Claims for Supported Housing Enhanced housing benefit and intensive housing management have become an essential component of the supported housing sector over the years. The amounts of enhanced housing benefit paid annually has gone from £0 in 2005 to around £1 billion now.

As well as taking its cue from an understandable concern about the abuse of enhanced housing benefit, the Guidance also seeks to restrict eligibility for enhanced housing benefit to strictly property related services and functions.

This event will help you to understand how to construct, interpret and administer an enhanced Housing Benefit claim, to identify what is eligible to be included and what isn’t. It will identify a list of routinely HB eligible intensive housing management and other costs and services. It will discuss what is meant by “care, support & supervision”. It will address the issue of local authority subsidy loss on enhanced HB claims and how that can be managed.