Supported Housing Consultancy

Helping You to Navigate the Supported Housing Maze

There are times when the future is uncertain, the way ahead is unclear and we have to navigate a maze. This is the case for supported and sheltered housing.

If you need supported housing consultancy advice on any aspect of supported and sheltered housing Michael Patterson should be your first port of call with approaching 40 years of supported housing consultancy experience in helping people and organisations navigate the maze of supported and sheltered housing policy, strategy and finance.

I can help you with:

  1. Advice on the future funding of supported and sheltered housing
  2. Intensive Housing Management and Maintenance /enhanced Housing Benefit claims and advice
  3. Help for local authorities in ensuring subsidy reclaim on enhanced housing benefit claims and for supported housing providers in getting enhanced housing benefit claims paid through the Exempt Accommodation Project
  4. Working with private capital finance providers with a social commitment for new supported housing
  5. Specialised Supported Housing capital, revenue, policy & development
  6. Speaking engagements at supported housing and other conferences and events.
  7. Board & Senior Management Team briefings on any aspect of supported and sheltered housing finance, policy and operations.
  8. Training/Briefing events that are tailor-made for your organisation or group of organisations on most aspects of supported and sheltered housing
  9. Working with and between provider organisations and the NHS and local authorities putting together capital, revenue, supported housing solutions for people with additional needs.

Michael Patterson is known for his Briefings and blog posts, which challenge established thinking and influence supported housing policy. These take the form of electronically published documents & also events across the UK on emerging supported & sheltered housing & related policy from the UK & national governments.

Contact me 0800 772 0065

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Hi Michael, please can you give me a call regarding supported exempt housing and housing benefit issues , I think I need some expert guidance as we str having some difficulty, we are a company running for 4 years

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