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Welcome to Michael Patterson’s supported housing blog. Here you’ll find free thinking on supported housing funding, policy, regulation and values, to mention but a few areas of interest.

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Blog Posts

The Supported Housing (Regulation) Bill

February 2021

The National Statement of Expectations for Supported Housing

October 2020

Using Commercial & Retail Space for Reconfigured Supported Housing in the “Post Covid” Era

August 2020

Working Together to Develop New Supported Housing

Supported Housing

July 2020

Claiming Enhanced Housing Benefit for Intensive Housing Management

Intensive Housing Management

July 2020

The Oversight of Supported Housing

Colourful model houses on a pink background

June 2020

Funding Supported Housing

Funding Supported Housing

June 2020

What is Supported Housing? (Part 2): Defining It

What is supported housing?

May 2020

Funding Intensive Housing Management

May 2020

Supported Housing under a Magnifying Glass

What is Supported Housing? (Part 1): A Victim of its own Misdescription

cartoon streetscape

Exempt Accommodation & Intensive Housing Management

From the Support Solutions archive

Managing the Covid 19 Pandemic for Landlords & Providers of Social & Supported Housing

April 2020

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